Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK), which is a roller conveyor type kiln, makes whole firing process from conveying the products to packing one continuous line. This contributes to the great reduction of manpower, and the shortened firing time results in the energy conservation. Since RHK is constructed tough enough to withstand rapid heat up and cool down, the flexible operation, which meets any firing condition, is available. RHK provides outstanding temperature uniformity, cleanliness and heat efficiency.

Firing kiln for lithium-ion battery materials
The Roller Hearth Kiln is a continuous rapid firing kiln that transports the products on rollers inside the kiln. This system is able to provide firing conditions that meet our customers' needs through the use of atmosphere control for air, N2,O2,N2+H2, and other atmospheres, as well as precision temperature control for each temperature zone (preheating, firing, cooling). We offer integrated systems for production of the cathode material used in lithium-ion batteries.